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ยป Floyd Mayweather v Miguel Cotto- Superfight of the Century

The Supplement Den - Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Floyd Mayweather Jr v Manny Pacquaio fight heated up once again and looked like it was actually going to happen before once again falling apart at the last minute due to varying circumstances, with both fighters and there camps blaming it on the other. Whilst this was going on one fighter went about his business silently knowing that if the mega fight collapsed once more he would be the fighter who reaped the benefits being number one on both Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather Jr hit list.

That fighter is the super star and extremely talented world champion Miguel Cotto. After Manny Pacquaio failed to agree to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr, Miguel Cotto jumped in to land the biggest fight in boxing against the sports richest and most talented fighter; Floyd Mayweather Jr. Miguel Cotto has previously fought against Manny Pacquaio and was stopped in a fight that early on was nothing short of a classic, with both fighters landing hard damaging shots.
The turning point in the fight however was Manny Pacquaio’s relentless attack and blistering hand speed that Miguel Cotto just couldn’t handle. Miguel Cotto was just coming off his first ever defeat and possibly the most brutal beating we have seen in recent years at the now tainted hands of Mexican Antonio Margarito in which it was later discovered before his title fight against Shane Mosley that Margacheato, as he has now been nicknamed, had been using loaded gloves. Putting it blunty Pacquaio was fighting a gun shy and weight drained Miguel Cotto.
Now it is a completely different story. Cotto returned to fight Antonio Margarito and completely annihilated the Mexican. Cotto didn’t have a problem disposing of Magarito or any of his past 3 opponants, all world class fighers and legitimate champions.Cotto has now succesfully reinstated himself as one of the sports most feared fighters.
Floyd Mayweather Jr is fighting arguably the hottest fighter in the sport at the moment. Alongside Sergio Martinez, Miguel Cotto is the most avoided boxer because of his style and relentless attack combined with his never say die walk forward attitude. Miguel Cotto has declared he will be the first fighter to defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr and perhaps he is the only Fighter we may actually believe has the ability to achieve what numerous champions have failed to do before him.
Unlike Manny Pacquaio, who fought Miguel Cotto at a catchweight which drained the Puerto Rican and wouldnt rematch him unless he once again agreed to a catch weight,  Floyd Mayweather Jr has agreed upon fighting at 154 pounds with no catchweight. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is in for the fight of his life. To further add excitement to this megafight, it seems the World Boxing Council has offered up its WBC World Championship Diamond belt for the match that is already for Cotto's WBA World Title.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. is on another level to every fighter. He is the most talented fighter of his generation and possibly the greatest of all time. But on any given day Miguel Cotto could shock the world. He has it in him. Floyd Mayweather Jr. will have to be at his brutal best, perhaps even better than ever before to see off this latest challenge to his as yet unchallenged throne as King of boxing.



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